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■ ■ ■ In Camera ■ ■ ■

Dinner Course

Fresh Oyster direct from the fishing port of Choshi Chiba pref.
[Cold Appetiser]
Salad tossed with Pen Shells and grilled vegetables
[Hot Appetiser]
Fritter of Japanese Whitings with sweet and sour sauce
Pasta Cappelini (Cold thin pasta) with sea urchin roe and aubergine
Warm flat pasta with fresh boletus mushroom sauce
[Main Dish]
Pan-sauteed (Poele of) rare grunt direct from the fishing port of SEKI,
Oita pref. with Chinese basil sauce
[Main Dish]
Grilled steak of HIDA Beef
[Dessert / Cheese]
Assortment of dessert or cheese
…10,000 JPY (incl. VAT) per person…

Lunch Course

Potage of Beni-Kanade brand carrots
Assortment of hors d'oeuvre
A plate of 15 kinds of vegetables cooked with the best recipe for each ingredient
Pasta Peperoncino tossed with Japanese butterbur sprout
Pasta tomato cream sauce with lobster meat
[Main Dish]
A seasonal fresh fish cooked with the recipe for the day
A meat dish for the day
[Dessert / Cheese]
Assortment of dessert or cheese
…3,800 JPY (incl. VAT) per person…
※the course menu shows a sample pattern, we have a wide variety for items of our dinner course.※
※Items of the course vary according to the season and market situation.※
※Let our Chefs know your preference on ingredients and volume,
And your requests will be followed as much as possible.※

- A La Carte Menu -

Cold Appetiser

Terrine of spring vegetables with Bolzano style sauce
…Bolzano style sauce=sauce made from crunched boiled eggs, onion, mayonnaise, vinegar and olive oil
Premier uncured ham from our exclusively contracted farm ¥980
Homemade pickled organic vegetables ¥700
Carpaccio of seasonal fishes direct from SADO, Niigata pref. ¥1,400
Assortment of 4 kinds of Italian cheese ¥1,500
Assortment of 4 kinds of seasonal hors d’oeuvre ¥2,200~
Salad tossed with whelks, scallops, New Caledonian shrimps and grilled vegetables. ¥1,700


Pasta of Chef’s recommendation for the day ¥ASK
Bagna cauda (Italian warm dip) of organic vegetables
with 2 types of sauce
…the vegetables are from our contracted farmer in Okayama pref.
Seasonal Fishes direct from the fishing port of Sado,
Niigata pref. cooked by the recipe of the day
Cold roasted French veal ¥3,800


Dessert for the day ¥800
Assortment of dessert (for 2 people) ¥2,000

■ ■ ■ Atrio ■ ■ ■

Cold Appetiser

Assortment of Italian salami and uncured hams ¥1,200
Assortment of Italian cheese ¥1,200
Homemade pickled vegetables in a colourful variety ¥500
Marinated Olives ¥500
Carpaccio of seasonal fishes direct from the fishing port of SADO,
Niigata pref.
Marinated sardine ¥980
Green salad ¥680

Hot Appetiser

Stir fried anchovy of Atrio style with 10 kinds of vegetables ¥1,000
Quiche of seasonal vegetables and bacon ¥1,000
Oven baked beef tripe of Toscana style ¥1,200
Red wine stewed Pintade (Guinea fowl's) liver ¥1,200
White wine steamed mussels and Japanese littlenecks ¥1,300


Lasagna Bolognese ¥1,000
Spaghetti Cacio e pepe
(Roman thin pasta with powder cheese and pepper)
Pasta with Amatriciana sauce
(pasta sauce made from ground pork, onion and tomato)
Pasta with 4 types of cheese ¥1,600
Spaghetti Bolognese ¥1,500
Spaghetti vongole
(pasta with Mediterranean wedge shells)
Spaghetti pescatora
(pasta with sea foods and tomato sauce)

Main Dishes

Scampi shrimps fried with herbal bread crumbs (3 pieces) ¥2,100
Poached white fresh fish whole (Acqua Pazza) ¥Ask
Grilled sirloin steak of Japanese Beef 150g : ¥2,200
300g : ¥3,200


Homemade Bread ¥200 per plate


Assortment of dessert ¥900
Dessert for the day ¥700
Seasonal sorbet ¥600

All the prices include VAT.